Game Thread 04JUL2019: Red Sox (Velazquez) @ Blue Jays (Stroman)


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Happy “Slap a Brit Day,” everyone.

Velazquez hasn’t faced any individual in the Jays’ lineup to have much of a history, but collectively they are 8-for-21 (.381) with 1BB, 1 HR, 2 RBI, and a .981 OPS against Hector. If Hector pitches 5 full innings and that’s his line (2 runs on 8 hits with a walk), I’ll take it and be happy.

Stroman, on the other hand, has plenty of history with these Red Sox. Of the double-digit AB club, Bennie, X, and Vaz have all hit him well. Holt has a .280 average against him over 25ABs, which is respectable. On the other hand, Stroman seems to have the numbers of Mookie, JBJ, JD, and Nunez. Sounds pretty bi-polar to me.


Please win!


I’m drinking chocolate milk. It’s a good day



It’s 90 degrees and I’m lazy.


That looks good!!!


It’s not bad and only $2.50. Cheap eats. :rofl:


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Yes!!! Lol. I love those dinners but I need a lot bahahaha


Loaded bases.


Ugh. 2-1 jays.


We are so bad right now.


Bad, bad, bad. Makes me sad.


This has been a long season :frowning:


What a stoopid poll. “At a 4th of July cookout what would you rather have a hot dog or a hamburger?” :woman_facepalming:


With a rotation of Sale, Price, Porcello, Eovaldi, and ERod, I thought we had the best SP depth in any league on the planet.

I keep thinking if we had a true closer, then the rest of the (non-closer) bullpen would sort themselves out. That often happens because “closer” is as much a state of mind as it is a position that relies on a good arm.

Maybe if Eovaldi returns, and they make him the closer, this season can be salvaged.




I’d rather have Filet Mignon, a good Cabernet, and … okay, just this once, I will at least pretend to be a Gentleman. :smirk:


Hopefully he can write this ship. But the pitching just has not looked good at all. Sale has not been good what so ever his last three starts and that is supposed to be our ace. Also the offence has not looked good today and yesterday for what ever reason. Right now we just look like we don’t have a lot of confidence. Hopefully after the break this team can pick it up.