Game Thread 04JUL2019: Red Sox (Velazquez) @ Blue Jays (Stroman)


Chavis! 7-6 Sox!


Really, what kind of trash could I possibly talk with (either) Manning?

They both have two SB rings, and they both earned them by beating TB12’s Patriots, fair and square.

I feel the same way about Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, and (sob), the 2018-19 Saint Louis Blues.


G. T. F. O. H.


Exactly. And at the end of the day even if someone didn’t like a qb. (Can’t say I’m a fan of Rivers he’s so cocky) but still. If he comes up shakes my hand and talks and is nice how can you talk trash? I’m not that kind of fan and I can see you aren’t either. It’s hard for me to see Peyton being anything other than nice and especially Eli. Eli is too awkward to be mean lol.


One of my Brothers had season tickets to the Chargers for N years, and back when I was a starving grad student in Berkeley, I would occasionally scrape together enough gas money to drive down and visit him.

He took me to a lot of Chargers games back then. I’m not a Charger fan, but if they were playing the Raiders … or Jets? An enemy of my enemy, and all.

Having said that, I was at that Charger-Patriot game where Troy Brown stripped a Charger Defender who had intercepted Brady, thus turning the game around. Unfortunately, my Brother was fond of purchasing beers for me, and I was in the Men’s Room disposing of two or three when that play happened.

Still … I was there.


Lol oh no!!! Well being to a few games I guess you are bound to miss a good play here and there. It happens. Chargers are probably my most hated team in the league. Because they have had the colts number as bad as the Pats have had the colts. But I just don’t like the Chargers. Well I guess more less Rivers. Back when it was Brees I didn’t mind them lol.


For me, Rivers falls into that same category of players I officially hate but respect.

Edit: And Brees just seems like a stand-up guy. Then again, I was a big fan of Bill Cosby in my youth, so you never know.


Lol. Ya true. You never know someone until you actually know them. Big Ben is a certain that I never want to meet. Definitely would keep my son away from that creep. Rodgers also comes off as kind of stuck up.


This bullpen has had 2 decent Innings. Weird.


Another blown save. Shocker.




Wow a win!!!


Fevers with the glove.

Detroit bound


Feels good to get a win. Close but a win


I passed out soon after my last post and it wasn’t even tequila-related.


Lol. Well Sox won. Gave me a tequila high.