Felgah and maaz venting thread

For fans of sports and talk radio that covers them… This thread is designed to provide an outlet for thoughts that occur when listening to these click bait genius types… Since if you try and call the show , you will either be mocked or cut off.

In other words… If you hear something annoying then you can recreate it and then give the proper answer.

Example… listening to them this week they spent an entire show chatting about the receivers drafting and development problem lasting 17 years since deion branch and David givens. Blah blah over and over how Belichick picks the guys and then Brady can’t gel with them.

Except… Um what’s the other difference between the first 4 years and the rest? They didn’t even mention the OC change of Charlie Weis to MCD. Weis not only incorporated branch and givens , and Patton, and brown. But his play calling and schemes allowed young Brady to find those guys. To the tune of 3 out of 4 super bowls.

Then the switch to MCD and gee. Problems start and then here it is 15 more years. And now the offense can’t work with Thomas ,Gordon, edelman, Dorsett, Meyers, and now Harry? Umm… where is the scheme? Not really happening (yet) but there’s time…

That’s my take on that subject. :sunglasses:

Yeah, once you take Felger and Mazz for what it is - I don’t mind them as much as I used to. They always pick topics and sides to generate disagreement. It drives calls and ratings.

And I don’t know, Edelman and Welker both developed pretty well.

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It’s the culture difference between the Northeast and the Midwest that allows wicked sahhhcastic bastids like these two to survive on the radio. I am assuming they are both WSBs because I’ve never listened to their show.

Here on the Front Range (which is the Western Edge of the Midwest), most folks would call them rude and not listen to their show. I suppose there are one or two transplants here or there who would like their style, but there would not be enough to generate enough ratings to keep them on the air.

I dunno. The Colts have some pretty shitty media guys as well in the Midwest. Not as far west as you but they are awful as well.

Awful how? Uninformed, or just fake contrarians?

Now that I look at it, “Fake Contrarians” sounds like a Band Name.

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Can’t remember his name right now but they have one guy that is basically exactly like Dan Shaunessy here in NE.

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There was that one Indianapolis writer who was beating the “Cheating Cheaters who Cheat” drum for a long time. Probably still is. I don’t remember his name. So much for his fifteen minutes.

Once I stopped listening it didn’t bother me anymore.

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Not sure why I’m curious to hear their comments on a podcast. At least no commercials haha. They have Greg bedard on there Tuesdays for some actual football analysis after Patriots games.

This week another gaff was Felgah dismissal of Ravens offense as a “high school” offense because of the formations , hand fakes , misdirection etc.

Except um… there’s an elite talent running the plays and faking is part of football since a step in the wrong direction by a linebacker is often the difference between a play that works or fails. … as if that’s only in high school. Duh…

Also how do you diss something that works? Credit goes to Balt OC for design of plays to fit their talent. Amazing when that happens , since the flip side of the field MCD doesn’t seem to get that, Since we keep hearing the players don’t fit the system. Ug…

So the Tuesday bedard chat is always pretty good and the topic of receivers development came up again… so bedard goes… “Look , Brady has been in the system for 20 years and with MCD they are so far ahead of the guys coming in” … then Mazz goes " dumb it down". So they finally start touching on the fact that this offense kinda has passed its prime not only with age but a sophistication that baffles its own players to the point of mediocrity… and they release guys like Thomas and Gordon who go and function in other offenses… but there’s still time to fix it. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So Paul Perillo weighs into the conversation and I recommend clicking on that podcast since it’s a good back and forth about the offense. Perillo is a positive outlook guy for good reason… haha the team is 8-1 and you can make a cool argument that the pieces are in place to succeed …

I also think the Ravens game felt like the check and balance type which a team needs for a measuring stick and coaching points.

That said… The flip side is the pressure on this team to perform against another legit team on the road. The Patriots are in the tough part of the schedule. Its the kind of game that will really define what we’ve been chatting about.

All they talk about on sports radio here is firing Will Muschamp.

So the Friday the babbling was about the scuffle in Cleveland but Bob socci chimes in about the eagles matchup. Again a little bit of football analysis from a knowledgeable guy… so his comments about the eagles offense were all about how Frank Reich had scripted plays for them and since he went to Indy, eagles offense has sputtered. Oh crap it’s the OC again.

Oh my. Felger should have an absolute field day this afternoon with Brady’s post game demeanor. He will get everyone all riled up talking about how unhappy Brady is. The sound clips will be played over and over and dissected.

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We can only hope Felger gets beat into submission on his way to work and retires.

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You nailed it…Felgah the whiney shrill click bait beatch apoplectic… hahaha I didn’t see the post game yet. But it’s obvious Brady is just being honest that he expects more from the offense. As a team. However, he doesn’t point out his own mistakes. But it’s obvious because in a team game every player needs to improve including himself…

They also whined and bitched about gronk… and the unfortunate thing is there are callers chiming in to cry and bitch with them… as if the callers are not selected to prop up the whining as legit.

Yeah. Gronk is puffing up the drama. He has the right to do that. Still want him to start catching footballs.

The bedard chat on Tuesdays is worth a podcast click IMO. He really puts Felgah in his place which is hard to do. He’s such a whiney bitchy dork at times he is as squeaky as maaaz… But also entertaining since he’s still intelligent enough to probe the different issues with this team.

Bitching about Brady is really weak coming from him tho… ironic. :woozy_face:

The radio call in locals turned on Frank Martin after losing to Boston U the other day.

People who call in to radio sports shows are idiots.

Also Gamecock freshman center Wildens Leveque is from Brockton Mass.


My hometown baby. I would never go back there but that’s pretty damn cool.

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