Breaking News: Pelicans considering Zion Williamson at 1.01

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Yup. Looks like my sources were right.

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All three Dookies in the top 10.

Reading the Celtics tried to move up to 1.05, but couldn’t strike a deal. Celtics three first rounders likely won’t net them an immediately impact player.

Celtics take Romeo Langford, SF from Indiana, at #14. This kid sounds decent, but I will always be wary of Freshman draft choices.

Pick is not being well received at a large national brand Boston sports message board.

I’m hoping they take Bol Bol at 20. I don’t know how or if he fits theur team, I just want to see Bol and Baynes on the floor at the same time.

Ainge getting his Belichick on.

Pick #20 is SF Matisse Thybulle from Washington.

Naismith Defender of the Year in NCAA last year.

Pick #22 is SF Grant Williams from Tennessee.

Three picks … Three SFs???

Thybulle is going to the Sixers.

To be fair Williams is an undersized PF.

Also I’m pretty sure he averaged 90 pts per game vs my beloved Cocks over his career. Good riddance.

I just saw that on the CBS draft page, but I don’t see what the Celtics got in return for trading down.

Edit: Never mind, CBS has a “trades” tab. Celtics get #24 and #33 for #20.

And with that #24 76ers pick, Celtics obtain SG Ty Jerome from Virginia.

And Jerome is on his way to Phoenix. No word what we are getting from the Suns

EDIT: Phoenix sent the Bucks 2020 1st rounder

Yeah, but the Bucks are good. Does Ainge really expect that to be better than this year’s #24???

They…they…they traded Aron Baynes.

I am going to go start breaking stuff now.

The speculation is they are clearing cap space. 1st round picks get guaranteed money.

Unless the C’s draft Takko Fall and Bol Bol so they can put out the Takko Bol frontcourt, this draft is a complete loss

LOL there are some people in the Taco Bell marketing department that are just PRAYING so freaking hard right now that some team grabs both Takko Fall and Bol Bol.

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Wait … they traded Jerome and Baynes to Phoenix for Milwaukee’s probably 20+ first rounder next year???

At least Baynes’ 5.4 Mil will go much farther in Phoenix, even if he buys a cushy place in Paradise Valley, or up in those heights overlooking Shea Boulevard on the way to Fountain Hills.

Bol Bol sounds like he should be at a Harry Potter convention or accepting the first place trophy at the State Spelling Bee.