AL Wild Card Game 2018: Athletics at Yankees

Will probably watch and might post in this thread. Wasn’t sure how to categorize it, so I used Red Sox because it’s semi-related.

Yeah maybe we need general football, baseball etc categories.

Bruins are sucking tonight. Rask in playoff form 2-0 Washington.

I am amazed with the approach the A’s have. Almost similar to Tampa Bay all season using relievers to pitch an inning or three. Strange approach for a play in game.

Maybe just a general non Boston sports sub.

I could post about my Cocks there!

Also I’m eating leftover lasagna. Possibly the best thing ever.

Wow Jed Lowroe is still in the MLB.

Wait when did McCutcheon go to the Yankees?

Yankee fans are so obnoxious.

First conundrum…do i save the Mrs a piece if the leftover lasagna?


I did.

Fuck. Aaron.Judge.

Well, sh*t. That was fast.

I hate the Yankees.

As much as I hate to do it, I blame the lasagna.

He is the first Australian to give up a 800 foot HR in the postseason.

Billy Bean sucks

Don’t spend money ball

At least we all get to bed early.

August of this year.

Wow somehow I completely missed that