AL Wild Card Game 2018: Athletics at Yankees


Wish I never found the Bruins game

6-0 dem, not us


Oakland needs to bust thru. A single run will collapse the evil empire!


Eck is awfully quiet tonight.


And not using as many eckisms


Yeah, I need a “3-run Johnson” here.


That stunk


Squander. Big time.


That’s it for Joolz. Goodnight Mikie (I think Thep is gone) and good luck A’s.


I guess it’s the Yankees we will be meeting.

I hate the Yankees.


I’m worried.

Oh, and…

I hate the Yankees.

I hate their fans.

I hate Yankee Stadium.


yeah, I agree. the idea of limping pitching going into the playoffs makes me worry. I hope the sales stuff was to make sure he can pitch in the playoffs more than a physical issue. I almost want Mushroom in Game two because he has been pretty good in Fenway against the Yankees but Price just sucks every where in the playoffs. ugh