Across the Pond Game Thread 06.29.19: Yankees (Tanaka) at Red Sox (Porcello)

Jolly good day for a game, eh mates?

Just looking at it the Sox have a better lineup from top to bottom.

I hate to jump on this wagon but the bullpen is the biggest reason we are 8 games out.

When is first pitch?

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An it says right there doent it 110.

I think in Two hours exactly. For me the start time is 11:07 which is exactly 2 hours from now. I will miss the first four innings me and my spouse are going to some daycare for a tour and I won’t be back till probably the fifth or sixth inning.

Man do we suck.

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Sox are off to a good start, I see. coffee


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Behind 6-0 after one inning. Unfreakingbelievable.

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Ok I’m here.

Let there be runs

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Bases loaded and nobody out for the Sox!

Get some runs please

There’s one.




Muh bad. Need to take the paper bag off.

Paper bag mojo?

12 runs

5 outs

And just like that it’s a tie game my friends.

Wow, some serious fireworks early

They are on pace to score 108 runs.

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