401k Reaction Thread


I moved all my money into a guaranteed annuity a long time ago. No worries.

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I’m glad my family sifting thru the ruins of our financial future brings you some😂


Sorry, Thep. My :rofl: was in response to the GIFs you posted. I’m sorry if your financial future took a hit.

I mean its my own fault, investing 100% of my money in my buddies business

Seemed like a billion dollar idea at the time.

Nah I’m just joking joolz. My families financial situation was ruined a LONG time ago.

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What bothers me is that when the year started, I thought “there has to be a correction coming.” I even pondered moving all my funds into the 2% per year “Fraidy Cat Fund.”

Wish I had. I’d be poised to push some chips back into the middle of the table about now.


I’ve been in the “Fraidy Cat Fund” since sometime in 2008.

Invest for the long term. History shows it will come back and then some. When it’s down, it’s the best time to buy.

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Absolutely correct and this “epic” downturn is nothing compared to the historic gains the last 3 years. Points is an odd medic when it should be percentage imo.

But points, I would imagine matter for those that bought high.

Well, I’m kinda old and need to sleep at night with no worries. I have a 403B with TIAA-CREF and I’m happy with the rate of return on my conservative portfolio.

I don’t care what anyone says. When your contributions plus investment gains for the past year are wiped out by a five-day selloff, it’s goddamned discouraging.

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The stock market is smoke and mirrors.

I stay in because I can go along for the ride, but there is no relationship between the market and the real economy. The market is up 350% since the financial crisis because of cheap money at the fed window. It’s how the banks were recapitalized but now the whole system is addicted to the opium (OPM) so the have to keep pumping.

Not a huge Ron Paul fan as he has some major philosophical flaws but End The Fed baby and return to the gold standard.

Why gold? What’s so special about that?

What would happen to your standard if Elon Musk discovered gold on Mars, and started bringing it back by the space truckload on a daily basis?

Monetary systems should be based on measurable economic output, not on some farcical aquatic ceremony.

Getting ready to head out right now so cant get in depth here but there are answers to those questions.

only earth grown gold please!!

Been watching the S&P 500?

What I’m not really grasping here is any semblance of logic.

If America’s biggest international business competitor (China) were to go through a prolonged state of industrial lockdown because of this virus … doesn’t that benefit American businesses by temporarily taking a major competitor off the field?

And if oil prices plummet because of an OPEC price war … don’t the economies of countries that import a lot of OPEC oil (like America) benefit from cheaper prices?

Lol, true believer^

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, we’re pointed toward another 1300 point drop this morning.

But yeah, sure…MAGA!