2020 Off-season Thread

OK so we’re here a bit earlier than we may be used to.

The big question (QB) should probably get it’s own tread.


  • If JMD leaves, who goes with him?
  • How Long can Dante keep going?
  • BB? I always figured when he cashes them in no one will see it coming.

I feel like injuries were huge this year, but we also need to address this

I think were on pretty decent shape here

Gronk is not replaceable, but there is an upgrade needed

Help us please

Who is staying/ going?

I think were going to be pretty stable

strong, but getting a little gray

Since I am old enough to remember the olde days I’m not going to over react to the end of the dynasty. We aren’t likely to be the Dolphins or Bengals or Browns next season, but the Bills are legit and we’re starting in the same place as everyone else, somewhere in the middle of the pack.


Great post. Thank you.

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Tight Ends are a huge issue!!

Both Blocking and Receiving!!

WR’s need a lot of help too!!! Find people Tom likes.

They need some help on the DLine, a fatty or two to free up the ILB’s and stuff the middle.

I am thinking a LB may be needed with the Van noy/Collins departures

Here’s one for Coolade.

There’s are rumor out there that the Pats could end up with the Saints Swiss Army knife, Hill next season.

Kinda makes sense as Bill loves versatile guys.

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Hill is a restricted FA, so the Saints could match whatever offer sheet the Patriots would give him.


I wonder how quick they will let the media know if Brady is staying or going.

Tedy agrees with Coolade as do I. This would be great. However, Hills’s don’t just grow on trees. :slight_smile:

The dynasty in the playoffs, so far. :slight_smile:


OMG! This is so well deserved after this season especially.

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Edelman will need to have his left shoulder surgically repaired, and have a “loose body” removed from his knee.


Why does that phrase remind me of this???

Yeah, yeah, it takes two to Tango … :dancer:

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Gates retires


Sooo … where does he rank on the list of players to never win a Super Bowl?

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Wish he was young and a Patriot but at this point he is complimentary and we need no more of those guys on this Pats roster.

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