2019 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game


Anyone watching this year? I may watch a bit of the All-Star Game but will skip the Derby.


I watched a bit. Gurerro killed it. Looked good! But now I’m watching everybody loves Raymond haha


I saw quick bits of it all night long, the introduction turned me off.

too much pomp and circumcision for me.

My water heater went at 7 so I was cleaning up the mess and off to a laundromat to wash wet clothing as I caught bits at the bar next door.


I forgot it was on. :woman_facepalming:


“Pomp and Circumcision” sounds like the name of an album put out by Love and Rockets.

Edit: Oh wait. Isn’t “Pomp and Circumcision” exactly what happens at a Bar Mitzvah?


a little Norm Crosby Humor


Lol I usually just catch the highlights.




One Red Sox player. Lol. Oh well. At least we are getting a good rest for our guys. They need it. Especially Sale and Porcello who have been ugly their last few starts. Hope good things happen after the All Star Break.


What a difference a year makes.


Wow. Big time. Maybe the second half is where we shine!


Verlander is fun to watch.


Why did Tanaka make the all star ? He’s been average at best this season.


Because he’s a Yankee? :woman_shrugging:


Makes sense lol

This game is boring.


J.D. struck out.

Yes, it’s a snoozefest.


Francona has put some weight on since being in Cleveland lol. I’m not one to talk but still. On that note I’m gonna have ice cream.


Good idea. I think I’ll have a Klondike Bar.



Bedtime. I’m out. :sleeping: