2019 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game


Damn that sounds delicious. I’m going to bed myself. I shall dream of ice cream.


American League takes it for the 7th year in a row lol.


An old neighbor of mine is related to someone who does work for the Injuns. Apparently, that entitles said old neighbor to free (box?) seats at the ASG.

Lucky Bastard texted me this tonight.


Damn lucky!!! I once knew a guy that got things at cost working at costco. That’s as close to that as I can get.


When I worked in human resources handling benefits there was a health insurance rep who gave me Sox tickets all the time. First row third base line. Great seats.


Years ago when redeveloping Revere Beach, my client gave me tickets to everything but the best was 4 roof box tickets, section 20, last row - 4 tickets. I would walk in and all the old Ushers got a kick out of me and would start the “Welcome back Mike, allow me to clean your seat …” and shit like that so the other ticket holders would wonder who the hell I was.

Bruins on the boards, Celtics tickets on the hockey boards so you could place your beer down - before cup holders were installed. Patriots tickets in a few spot. It was amazing. I went to over 40 sox games one season for the cost of Beer and Parking.


Damn you guys are lucky. I don’t get any cool stuff :frowning: I got a free donut today. That’s about it.



Nice shot!


That is a nice one!


For about three years I dated a DJ from the old WFTQ in Worcester (the AM side of WAAF at the time).

We got to see lots of events at the Worcester Centrum for free, sometimes from the front row.


Damn that’s awesome! I didn’t get to do anything near that cool :frowning: my spouse works for a food distribution company so we get lots of free food lol.