06.30.19 Yankees (Tarpley) In England @ Red Sox (E-Rod)

For the sweet love of all that is decent. Just win!!! Please. I don’t want to be 1-6 against this damn team.

Now then… feed my kid and back to bed. :sleeping:



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Home Run Derby for the Sox in the 1st. X, J.D. and Vaz. Sox leading 4-0.

Awful start time for me. Won’t be around for much of the game.

Eddie gives up 2 runs in the 2nd. 4-2 Sox.

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Just woke up. We are winning neat!

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Runs please. E Rod is actually playing good.

83 pitches already for E Rod. He’s probably done after this inning or maybe the 5th.

I’m gonna eat waffles and scrambled eggs. I’m dangerous like that.

Daaaaang. Scrambled eggs AND waffles?

That’s crazy dude.

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Yup!! And I don’t use just normal syrup. I use the butter one.

E Rod was very good today. Have to give him that. Shut the Yanks down for the most part. Here comes the…gulp…bullpen

Well you’re not the only Wildman here.

I just ate 2 PB n J’s.

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Holy… I love those!!!

Who doesn’t.

I eat a shocking amount of peanut butter

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Food mojo. coffee

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What did Joolz have?

Takeout on the way. Panera Bread Steak and White Cheddar Panini.

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That looks amazing! Damn.

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They have awesome food.


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Its the Red Sox Bullpen sponsored by Dougies Dynamite.

When in doubt, blow it the fuck up.

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