06.30.19 Yankees (Tarpley) In England @ Red Sox (E-Rod)


For the sweet love of all that is decent. Just win!!! Please. I don’t want to be 1-6 against this damn team.

Now then… feed my kid and back to bed. :sleeping:




Home Run Derby for the Sox in the 1st. X, J.D. and Vaz. Sox leading 4-0.

Awful start time for me. Won’t be around for much of the game.


Eddie gives up 2 runs in the 2nd. 4-2 Sox.


Just woke up. We are winning neat!


Runs please. E Rod is actually playing good.


83 pitches already for E Rod. He’s probably done after this inning or maybe the 5th.


I’m gonna eat waffles and scrambled eggs. I’m dangerous like that.


Daaaaang. Scrambled eggs AND waffles?

That’s crazy dude.


Yup!! And I don’t use just normal syrup. I use the butter one.


E Rod was very good today. Have to give him that. Shut the Yanks down for the most part. Here comes the…gulp…bullpen


Well you’re not the only Wildman here.

I just ate 2 PB n J’s.


Holy… I love those!!!


Who doesn’t.

I eat a shocking amount of peanut butter


Food mojo. coffee


What did Joolz have?


Takeout on the way. Panera Bread Steak and White Cheddar Panini.


That looks amazing! Damn.


They have awesome food.



Its the Red Sox Bullpen sponsored by Dougies Dynamite.

When in doubt, blow it the fuck up.