06.30.19 Yankees (Tarpley) In England @ Red Sox (E-Rod)


Wish we had that place. We have subway lmao


Brewer At least has been pretty solid lately for us. If there is one guy to come in right now and have a pretty decent and then it’s this guy. But yes I am also pretty scared once the bullpen is called up


I find Panera to be completely over rated


I like their broccoli and cheese soup.


Those are fighting words lol


Panera’s Day-End Dough-Nation is kinda cool.


They filmed part of one of their TV commercials in my backyard. That was kinda cool too.


Is there a lot of them? Like is it a pretty big chain? Only big chain sandwich shops we have is Subway and Mr Sub.


Yep. They are all over the states. At least the east coast.


Over 2,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada.


I didn’t know they were part of Au Bon Pain.



Well regina sucks. We don’t have any :frowning: we got a new meltwich shop. They do different grilled cheese. It’s goks.


Ugh this bullpen is beyond frustrating. Need at least a couple relievers. Going nowhere with these guys.


Welp, here come the Yankees.




Ugh. I should shut this off. Bullpen in. We know the horrible outcome that is about to happen.


Only the Mets have blown more than the Red Sox this season.

Truer words have never been spoken.


Wait…why is that Yankees hitter going back to the dugout?


Yup it’s sickening. Big changes are needed and we are going nowhere with this bullpen. Not to mention our starters are inconsistent as well.


So painful to watch or for me follow on Gameday. On the plus side it will be over soon and I can go outside on this beautiful afternoon.