06.17.19 Sox (Big Dick Rick) @ Twins (Berrios)

Playing a dominant team folks! There would be nothing better than beating the team with the second most wins in MLB. In Rick I trust!

Win Dance Repeat X6

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I wanna blast this at a party and dance.

I’m bored at work. Holy shit. Wish the game was on. Could give me something to do till I’m off lol.

You’re welcome.

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Lol. Thanks Joolz!

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Find the invisible cow isn’t working :frowning:

Yeah, old site. In fact one link just froze my computer. My bad. Best to stay away.

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Here’s a question. Every time I get a response or a like on a post. My yahoo email gets a notification. How do I turn that off?

On a computer, not a phone, top right hand corner will be your icon/avatar, click on it, click on settings ( A GEAR LOOKING ICON) and then notifications. you then do not want “all” on but select what you want to be notified about.

hope that helps.

It’s not giving me the option on the computer. I click notifications and it brings up
Likes Received

But it doesn’t let me click them or anything like to turn them off. It just shows the notifications I got.

Never mind think I figured it out. Had to go to preferences. Notifications. And change it there. Hopefully it works lol.


My son is ready.

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Good job Mookie.

Early lead!!

:wave: Joolz is here. Not liking the 8 PM start.

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6 pm for me hahahaa.

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Twins’ Radio Dudes made it sound like Bennie pulled a Machado in the first, thinking he hit it out and getting gunned down at second for not hustling out of the box.


Porcello! Wow