06.14.19 Boston (E-Rod) @ Baltimore (undetermined)

Win Dance Repeat X3!!! Get er done boys!!!


If Kenny Rogers were here, he might sing something like:

You never count your win streak, when you’re starting a new Game Thread … There’ll be time enough for counting, when your Mojo’s done.


Lol I haven’t heard that song in so long!!! Damn I listened to the entire thing hahah. I should blast it for the office to hear this afternoon.

Edit: my bad about the win streak. Lol let’s just not get embarrassed. How about that?


Brock holt. Tie game folks.

We shall win this 2-1 lol.

:wave: Joolz here. Just in time to see the Sox leave ‘em loaded. :angry:

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We got this Joolz don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Vaz! 443 feet! 3-1 Sox.


Hahaha. There you go!! 3-1!


J.D. with a 2-run shot to make it 6-1.

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I like it!!!

I just got home.

The most powerful mojo of all the mojos.

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We are definitely doing well. But then again it is Baltimore.

JBJ!! Having a night

JBJ! 8-1 Sox. Home Run Derby.

Lmao this is just sad now. Time to watch a movie. Poor Baltimore haha.