06.14.19 Boston (E-Rod) @ Baltimore (undetermined)

Chavis! Bombs away and it’s 10-1.

Haha just got home mojo laying waste to Baltimore

What are you watching? I might go elsewhere too.

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Been listening via the XM App on my Roku.

Maybe it’s time to switch to the Chatham Anglers channel.

So much for Mojo Rules … maybe they work in reverse for you.

Holy Crap that pitcher needs a hug

J.D.! Hey, Remy stole my Home Run Derby line.

Mojo is a fickle mistress

I bet he’d rather drink from a mug.
Or inject a drug.

I want to face this pitcher.

My Major league BA and Slugging Percentage would both be 1.000.

I miss Manny Machado. coffee

Actually, she’s a Dirty Hu-errh.
Much more slutty than Papi’s side-piece.

Sorry for the XM Delay, but … did the Os just seriously put in a Pitcher named Rogers???


So they want to speed up baseball games?

They should do like the umpires did in youth ball…if it crosses the plate, its a strike. I watched an umpire call a ball that rolled across the plate a strike. No one complained. It was a 20 run lead in the 4th inning and it was about 105 in the middle of July.

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I’m watching Cult Of Chucky Lmao don’t judge me hahahahaha.

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Yes these games should be sped up. This is brutal lol.

Well Chatham kicked some Harwich ass, so I’m back to listening to this game.

I bet the Os wish MLB had a Mercy Rule.

Yeah, it’s a win. Guess I’ll channel surf for a bit. Almost that time. :sleeping:

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JD gunned him down.

In match play golf, golfers concede holes all the time, in order to save both time and energy they would have wasted playing out holes they have clearly lost.

I guess you couldn’t do that in MLB, though … beer and hot dog sales would suffer from playing fewer innings.

It would be more about tv commercials than hot dogs and beer.

But opening the strike zone a little and telling batters that they need to be hacking would at least speed up the blowouts.