World Series Game Two 10.24.18: Dodgers (Ryu) at Red Sox (Price)

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Dear Dave Roberts,

Thank you so much for that stolen base against Mariano. It was an unbelievable moment I will never forget.

Now please forget how to play baseball.


Thep Almet

Have a seat, Kemp.

X! Double!

X!!! Dents the monster



Well, this sucks.

Tie game.


Asshat#2 singles in asshat #1

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Who the hell is Price looking to after the third out? This is third time tonight I noticed him making gestures to someone high above the Sox dugout.

Interesting. I haven’t noticed.

Benny with the Jets!!!

Now get Price some runs!!!

Need a Benny Bomb here.

Changing of the arms!!!

Will Moreland come in forPeirce?

Oh boy

Walked in a run, tied game