World Series Game One 10.23.18: Dodgers (Kershaw) at Red Sox (Sale)

What up party people?

No work mojo tonight. Just straight up “we are better than you” mojo.

Get 'er done boys.


Joolz is here.

When does Machado get plunked?

Have a seat, Dozier.

Have a seat, Turner.

Mookie! Base hit and a steal.

Benny knocks him in! 1-0 Sox!

J.D.! Benny scores and it’s 2-0 Sox.

Joe Buck is drunk. I swear to god. That whole GO SOX on the pru, leave your light on skit proved it.

Lead cut in half. Need moar runs.

Ugh. Tie game.


All tied upi

3-2 good guys

J.D.! 3-2 Sox. Ooh, hope he’s okay.

Have a seat, Puig.

Tied up

Hate Machado

I feel a pitching change

1st pitch wild… move them up to 2&3


Give him green

Sacks full for JD

No outs

K’d Jd