Willie Mac live interviewing at Patriots TC NOW!'''

Kraft: Didn’t talk about Florida. Think he got emotional when he said his most memorable moment was first game back after 9-11 when Myra finally giving him grief for price tag of Patriots franchise. " You build successful teams by surrounding yourself with quality people"

Belichick: Worked on his comic timing, did 4 or 5 minutes of stand up. Really. Not joking. Me. I’m not joking. But Belichick was. Yeah…its got me kind of disconbobulated too.

Brady: Hows a guy that rich and powerful come off so sincere and down to earth. Asked why he keeps playing…loves football blah blah…but ends with " …and I think its important for my kids to see daddy going to work" Awesome answer.

McCourt twins: Cute kids.


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Jamie Collins: (paraphrasing) Just glad to be back where winning is the focus.

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I don’t think the Cl(eveland) (Br)owns will be the joke of the league for much longer. They finally seem to have a decent quarterback for the first time since … Bernie Kosar?