Who would you prefer the Red Sox play - Yankees or A's?

This is a tough decision. Both are pretty good.

The A’s have the Billy Bean weight on them of never doing well in the play-offs.

The Yankees suck, and I like Bill Lee and hate they ripped his shoulder apart.

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I’m torn. If it’s the A’s it will involve long distance travel. What about start time for those games? Are they later for folks on the East Coast? I can’t remember. I hate the Yankees and their fans so I really don’t want to deal with them. I just want to play the Orioles.

I posted times and channels in a different thread, no change over the weekend but I expect prime time to be any clinching game later in the series.

Cold weekend means bring on the west coast boys… Of course I have been to Oakland area and it get chili at night, so is it an advantage?

My hatred of the Yankees tipped the scale. I voted Athletics.

A’s. I just want all the little Yankee fans to have to go to school as soon as possible knowing that this season was a complete fail.

Maybe that makes me a bad person :man_shrugging:

So when do we know?

Friday night is the start of the ALDS? Is that a best of 7 series?

I want to crush the Yankees, see their fans driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women.

We will know today. The A’s and Yankees play tonight at 8:08 on TBS.

The Rockies beat the Cubs 2-1 in 13 innings last night in the NL Wild Card Game. Jon Lester pitched a great game for the Cubs.

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I hate teh Yankees!! I can think of only a few things more than the yankees I hate.

I thought the Wettland transition to Rivera was pretty cool because the Sox had signed him but noooo, some shit happened and they didn’t allow it.

Sparky Lyle sucked, Craig Nettles was a dingleberry on teh ass of satan.

Paul O’neil a dickweed.

Mickey Rivers moved like a coke addict jonesing for his next hit…

screw the yankees.