Who will be next Red Sox GM?

I really have no idea who they will pick, Theo is not walking back in a gorilla suit, Cherrington is working and who wants him back? anyone have any ideas.

if you name the next correct GM 1st I’ll give to two likes!!!

Jed Hoyer. Was with them in 06, 07 as a co GM and is pretty smart. Could see him coming back.


Jeb is my thought as well.

I don’t know his situation but the GM for the Rays would be very interesting.

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Ya agreed, I don’t know who is all out there. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I would apply but you know, lots of pressure.

But I would love to Boston!!! Then you all would have a great guy like me living there lol.

I cast my ballot for David Ortiz.

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I’m down for that!!

Andrew Friedman now that the Dodgers are out of it!

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Holy shit. Dodgers lost!

I fell asleep. Just saw lol. Wow.

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