Who gets cut for Watson? or do they allow him to walk as a FA?

It needs to happen by 4 pm tonight.

If they keep him, I have no idea who gets cut. I think they SHOULD keep him though. It never hurts to have that experience out there.


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I am shocked as it only opens up a little under 2 million in cap space but that will fit Eifert in I tihnk so there is that.

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Bill said they just didn’t have anyone he could cut for Ben. Also said they have a decent team.

Seems happy with what they have for now but hes always looking to upgrade.

Even Scott Zolak knows he’s at least as good an option as Izzo or LaCosse.

Blocking TE.

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I hate to be reactionary and over the top but I wonder if Bennett is being traded. He has had fewer and fewer snaps cuz this D doesn’t him. He’s great but mostly as depth here.

That and if I recall correctly, has a healthy cap number.

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Yeah, something around 3 million, I think.

or he is injured and not practicing. i go with traded to Cincy for their TE, cap swaps


Does anyone know what happens to the dead cap money of a player who re-signs after you waive or release him? Does that become live cap money, does it stay dead, does it join the zombie apocalypse, … ?