Where's johnlocke?

He hasn’t posted in a while.

He must be “Lost”.

Get it? poke


Dammit that was an accident removing the post.

Heheh!! I get it. :slight_smile:

I’m here. Just been doing spring stuff during the last few games. I’ve heard em and watched parts on my phone live but I’ve been out having bonfires with great friends and stuff.

Thank you for missing me. :sparkling_heart:

I’ll definitely be here for this weeks games.


The return of John Locke!!!

Would be an awesome movie! Lol. But yes now with the nice weather it’s good to get things done. Since my little man entered the world I’m lucky if I can watch 2 complete innings in a game hahaha.


Hi John :alien:

You ready for August 31?

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New Tool album? I’m “pumped and jacked” Pete Carroll over the top exuberance voice :slight_smile: