When will Mookie be traded?

I can’t see him signing here


I agree but I think he is set to test the market so they trade him winter of 2019 unless they collapse this July.

I hope I am wrong.

Fvck the Angels. Of course they can give Trout that kind of cash for 12 FVCKING YEARS!!! NO ONE CARES IF THEY SUCK!!! NO ONE EVN KNOWS WHERE THE FVCK THEY ARE FROM!!! L.A., Aneheim, fvckin Disney Land,… who knows and who cares!!!

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Mookie is gone, get as much as you can then try to sign him to a silly 5 year deal like the Dodgers tried with Harper

I rather pay 5 for 225m that 12 for 450m

Totally agree, but seeing Trout get 12 years might make Mookie jealous, and he’s already got a ring.

Mookie sounded like a guy going to free agency and who knows what he will get there. Trade him July 31st no matter what.