What's for lunch?

I tend to wake up late on Saturdays. I’ve read somewhere that dreams are your brain’s way of sorting through and organizing your memory banks; it’s during that re-filing process that you get memories mixed up between what’s really happened to you, what you’ve seen in a movie or on television, what you’ve fantasized or worried about happening, etc. I guess on Friday nights after a long work week my particular brain has a lot of shyte to organize.

So, for “lunch” today I had breakfast … home made french toast with real butter from Minnesota and real (organic) maple syrup from Vermont.


I love breakfast for lunch. I like to mix a pound or so of shredded potatoes with some jimmy dean breakfast sausage, and an onion or two. Stir fry it in my big deep frying pan (almost a wok) Once the potatoes start to brown add about 6 eggs, andI fry it all up with copious amounts of garlic and basil. Shred some cheese on top just before serving with ketchup and hot sauce.

My kids call the Dirty Hash browns and they are fan fucking tastic.


Holy shnikes that looks good!!! Wow

I agree with you folks. Breakfast for lunch is fantastic!!

My youngest son will go to Dennys and order a cheeseburger at 7 am.

I thought I raised him better than that

You could sell the Dirty Hash Brown recipe to Denny’s. I’d eat that at 2am after the bars all closed.

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Panera Bread Toasted Steak & White Cheddar. Grass fed beef, Vermont white cheddar, pickled red onions and horseradish sauce on Artisan Ciabatta.



My girlfriend just got out of surgery. Was a success. Everything is good :slight_smile: she is currently resting!

I shall celebrate with the making of some pancakes!


Good news! Thanks for sharing and give her my best.


Will do. Thanks Joolz :slight_smile:


I had a salad and left over pork tenderloin and mushrooms re-heated in this little re-heating crock pot my daughter gave me one Christmas. I plug it in in my office an hour before I want to eat,

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Not corn dogs.

I had sushi. A spicy grilled salmon roll with soy, wasabi and lots-o-ginger.


That also sounds good!

For supper I am having a home made chicken wrap with fresh tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce.

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