What's cookin'?

A thread about what the culinary geniuses that inhabit BSU are preparing.

My mom gave me some fresh basil out of her front porch clay planter garden that I turned into some Pad Krapow Gai…spicy Thai basil chicken.


That! Looks! Awesome! I can actually smell it. Yum!


Damn that looks fantastic!!!

I had kraft dinner tonight lol

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I made Chili, it was good but lacked proper spice level for me.

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I want KFC tonight, but my stomach is scared.

I had the spicy chicken mac and cheese bowl the other day. 10 out of 10, would recommend

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Wow, I’ve never heard of that. Does Canada have this? Sometimes places in the States gets things before we do… but that sounds amazing.

I don’t know. I let my subscription to Canadian Fast Food Menus Monthly expire.


And here I thought you had the answers to everything. You’ve let me down… :sob: :sob:

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That looks amazing, unfortunately I looked and I don’t think Canada has it :frowning:
Now I’m hurt :frowning:

Oh shit I might make some for dinner tonight. I found a recipe for that nashville sauce a while back…I can buy some chicken tenders from publix and some mac and cheese…


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Alright I’m convinced. I’m coming over. I’ll bring the beer.

Deal. Are you familiar with South Carolina?

Not overly. But I can GPS it lol.

Your best bet is to stop and ask directions. If you complain about the heat, talk about how much better planned the roads are in Canada and point out how weird tea being cold is, someone will get you pointed in the right direction ASAP

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Lmao our roads can’t be better. Regina has more potholes than any city I’ve been to, it’s a total disgrace. I do get hot quick but right now it’s -12 in Regina with the wind so I would welcome warm weather. My car sounded really rough starting up this morning.

And what’s your stance on iced tea?

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I thought Canada only had one road? The Canada Road?

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I like our iced tea. The American no sweetness is too weird for me. Lmao.

And the sweet tea you guys have is not good. But I’m not used to it.

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