Went to the game against the Penguins 11/4/19

Great game last night, I beleive all but one goal (Bruins in the second period) were in front of me.

Halak lost it a couple times right in front of me. after goal three he fired the puck off the glass just missing a bruins player (missed who it was) and after the 4th goal he snapped his stick then the handle over the net into three pieces. Funny thing is no player would bring him a stick, they all just skated away and linesman had to retrieve the pieces before bringing him a stick.

Krug was lucky to not be cut bad by the skate to the face and I have no clue how bad McAvoy was cut.

between period promotion had two guys shoot 30 pucks in at the net from the blue line and one guy hit 21 but 4 misses were off pucks in the crease and deflected.

Beer was cold

Left after the empty net goal and made it from seats to home in 25 minutes. and I parked in teh parking garage under teh Rink.

fun time, I forgot how much I loved hockey at teh Garden.

Cosby is a cheap shot prick, we all know that but he caught Bergeron in the face with a WWE Elbow the Rock would be proud of, actually teh Penguins on a whole were cheap shots.

I still have indents in my knees from the seats in front of me. Comfortable but that extra padding pushes you forward taking what little leg room there was and making it smaller.

and I am a little over 6’ tall


Flyers are Goons, but they are usually Men about it.

Pens are another story. They love dirty hits. Remember Ulf Samuelsson?

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I met Ulf and the rest of Penguins team at the Long Island Marriott next to the old rink. after a game against the Islanders many years ago.

He was not ammused when I told him I was a big Cam Neely Fan and think his leg sweep was dirty.

ah the good old days when I was willing to take on the whole Penguins team because they hurt one of my home team players.

Jagr was cool, he was just busy meeting chicks, and I mean lots and lots of chicks!!!


Glad it was a good game and you had a good time! Senators won too!!! We all win today!


Jagr is like, 50 years old, and I bet he’s still meeting chicks.

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