Welcome to BSU

Welcome to Boston Sports Uproar. This is an experiment to see how a mostly unmoderated sports talk board would function, using software built for the next decade.

This software is very modern, but very different from the old vbulletin boards. I am learning a lot just to even get it installed, and I will need to learn a lot to update it, but it is fun.

But really, this place is an experiment. Kick the tires, have some arguments if there is enough of you, and let’s see what happens.

There is some sort of leveling system for users based on activity that grants you secret powers as you level up (some of them mod like), haven’t looked far into it yet.

BUT, as far as discussion, or erm, DISCOURSE, I hand this over to anyone who may wonder in here. The community will be what you make it, if anyone shows up.

I’ve seeded the board with an article fro each sports team just to test out the categories.

The site is now secured with HTTPS

Google Yahoo logins now supported and tested successfully.

Facebook added.

Twitter Added.

There is probably a way to easily share this site, or topics on it, on your social media accounts. I would appreciate it if anyone would be willing to test that out (and maybe get more people here). I am not too active on social media, but I need to look into this.

As I work on it, the site may need to reboot from time to time. Downtime should be less than 10 minutes in these cases.

When you want to reply to a specific post AND quote it, hit the reply button next to the post and in your reply window, hit the little chat bubble to populate the quote:

Oh that is slick.

Rather than the above method, you can just highlight what you want to quote in the original post and THEN hit reply on that post and the quote autofills.

Wont “seedng the board” cause the servers to malfunction?

Heh you can go back after the fact and edit in the quote using the chat bubble icon…just FYI

Created new category “Movies & TV” and categorized the Deadpool 2 topic as such.

Something I discovered last night that is pretty neat as I was posting new sports topics.

Generally, if you want to start a new topic based on an article, you can put the actual URL to the article AS the subject of your post. The forum will automatically create the proper subject title from the link, and give a little summary in the body of the message.

im new here was told about this site from a member pats planet and im not was someone with computer skills im not even sure if this is the right place to post this

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Post any old place you feel like.

Welcome. Any qustions just ask. The folks here are wonderful.


Bridgewater State University…

My alma mater

College in those days though

welcome!! feel free to join in, as mentioned most of us do not bite!!


Yer definitely a South Shore Guy if you went to Bridgewater State. High Five.

I thought Bridgewater State was a mental hospital. :man_shrugging:

its both, one campus has less security than the other.

plus one I got a life time band from, the other I choose not to visit.


Wow, you’ve got to be uber nuts to get banned from a mental hospital. :crazy_face: