Week 9 Fantasy Tyme

Last week got lost in the shuffle. Its been a rough couple of weeks.

Overall I am 57-63. Not much to say. All but one league is a dynasty league so I’m starting process of positioning some of my worst teams for next year. I’m trying to sell off older players and acquire youth and draft picks.

In one league I traded away Danny Amendola for a 2020 5th round pick. This is an IDP league so I should be able to use that 5th for a decent LB or Safety.

In another league I traded away Jameis Winston, Larry Fitzgerald and OJ Howard for DJ Moore and a 2020 first round pick. I think its very likely Fitz is playing his last season and very possible Winston is throwing picks in Tampa for the last time. I still believe in Howard’s talent but his usage this year is concerning, and now he is hurt again. Once he didn’t get traded at the deadline I didn’t bat an eyelash at trading him away.

Moore is a young talented WR and the pick is a first round dart throw in what is considered a really deep draft.

Bye weeks


Confirmed outs

TY Hilton
Joe Flacco
Pat Mahomes
Sterling Shrpard

Expected to play

Adam Theilen
Desean Jackson