Week 7 49ers @ Patriots 10/25/2020

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Oh boy. This should be a fun one.

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Titans Steelers good game. 27-17 Steelers. Titans have scored 10 unanswered.

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Good luck guys. Should be a good one.

This is not pretty.

Yup another shit show.

Newton will get better. I guarantee it.

Cam Newton is way off today, I know he isn’t getting a ton of help from his receivers as they are not getting open. He just has not looked like himself today.

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Well then

Baseball time.

I still wonder, and I know he was asymptomatic, whether there might be a lingering Covid issue with Cam. It presents itself in so many different ways.

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Agreed for sure. He just doesn’t look right.

The year that blows… 2020 vision . Trying to see a way out. Share in the misery. What exactly is the upside now.? Show some ability on offense. McDaniels is the theme that carries over from Brady blowing last year , to Newton completely sucking now. Then u see SF running around with pitches and reverses. McD has no clue …