Week 5 Other Games 2020

Boy, Vegas is giving Chiefs a run for their money. tied at 24 and Vegas indriving.

Alex fucking Smith is in the game for Washington after possibly never walking again.

What a freaking story.

Mahomes goes down hard. Didn’t even see it coming.

30-24 Raiders.

6 min to in the game down 9, 4h down and Mahomes blows it hard. Int

TD Raiders.


If this was the TFB/Hoodie Pats with their tremendous end of half time management and scoring I would be very comfortable with a comeback win.

Looking forward to seeing what Andy and Pat can do here. Already started like a Pats ending with a defensive penalty for the first down leading to the score.

We’ll see.

Raiders win

Colts defense sucks

Stay tuned for more updates.

What happened to the Colts having the number 1 D? :muscle:t2: :radioactive:

Took a nap so I just finished watching the Dallas game.

Horrible injury for Dak. But this is a backup in Andy Dalton. Holy shit. 78 yards in 50 seconds for the win.

Just wow,

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Calling it now. Pats/Seahawks Superbowl.

Hold me to it. :slight_smile:

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Was with family all day.

Rivers was fucking terrible
I feel bad for Dak. Damn hate seeing that
Hahahaha Chiefs
Seahawks and Wilson are unreal

That is all

Wilson is the the best QB in football.

That is all. :slight_smile:

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Man he’s ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

I don’t really like seattle and yet…: they’re a fun team to watch. Him alone, Seattle is my pick for the super bowl. I hope it’s against the colts but meh lol

AFC is wide open. Chiefs looked terrible today. Their o line and defense was terrible. Mahomes is like Wilson. Good enough to get them to the super bowl , but ravens are good, browns look good. Steelers look damn good, bills. PATRIOTS when healthy are damn good. It’s a crap shoot in the AFC.

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Perfect breakdown man.

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Thanks my man. Newton needs to get back pronto. Pats are a good team, but with him at the helmet they beat the chiefs. Broncos will be an easy win with newton

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That was indeed awesome in 2 ways. First, it was great to see him get back on the field after 2 years. Second, he should be named the starter at this point as he got the shit beat out of by the Rams D and showed that he appears to be completely healthy. The Skins have some great skill players that I think he could utilize well…if the O-line can keep him alive long enough.

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Man, I was so freaking happy for him. :heart: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2:

What a freaking barn burner this Chargers Saints game is .

Chargers got QB in Herbert.

Brees and Co just tied it up at 27 after being down all game with 40 seconds to go.

Kick for the game for the Chargers with 5 secs left.

And he banged it off the upright. Holy crap. OT man.