Week 4 * ... Kinda.

Wow. Stuff happnin…

Ok. We got hoyer this week cuz it’s a kooky kinda year…

Brady throws pick-6… but then comes back to win against the chargers… Hmmmm…

Hoping that Cam will be able to shed the positive test into a negative … weird cuz every day I’m trying so hard to think positive.

Hoyer the Destroyer!

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Hoyer the man!!! Gonna cut lose!!!

Yah baby… hoyah… the system game manager… Love it. C’mon McD… Trick plays all night long … Supah fun to watch…

^^^^^ yah right… imaginative offense not quite the game plan. Seems it was more about trying to make hoyer into a legit NFL QB… um… trick plays probly a better idea.

The *asterisk in the title of the thread. * Caution … Team being boned by the pandumbic. Kinda like the Bruins playoffs.

Oh well it’s only one week at this point . Hoping Cam can return in good health.quickly. but if not Pat’s fans need to decide which backup QB that they want. Stid the kid. IMO

Heh. At least he liked my reply.


Bwahahahaha!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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