Week 2: Who do *I* start/cut/pick up?

Ladies and gentlemen, last week I started a Fantasy Football help thread and presented myself as someone who knew enough about the hobby that I might actually be capable of offering an opinion that would help others with tough decisions.

I am in 12 fantasy football leagues, 11 Dynasty leagues and 1 redraft. Last season I had 2 Dynasty teams that were in the first year of massive rebuilds. The other 10 teams made the playoffs. Of those 10, five made the championship game. Of those 5, three won the trophy.

It was a good season. I felt like I had a pretty good handle on things.

Oh, the hubris of man.

Week 1, 2019. Last week my little collective of orphan fantasy team went a combined 2-10. Two and ten. Dos y diez.

I stand before you, humbled. This week I am not offering help. This week I am asking for help.

Ill start with my crappy 8 team work league

0.5 PPR, return yard bonus 1 pt per 15 return yards

Pick 2

Tyler Lockett (return yards)
Chris Godwin (God Jameis sucks)
Adam Thielen (10passes? 10??!!??)
Marquise Brown (Doest play a HS team this week)
John Brown (Bills. Nuff said)

Hilton usually has a big game against the Titans.

That’s all I got lol.

Tough one between Lockett and Theilen, I think. Both are playing decent defenses this week so I would go with Theilen for a few reasons. 1. I think he’s the better receiver and 2. Lockett had some injury issues this week and only had 1 catch last week although it was for 44 yards. 3. Lockett isn’t getting the looks cuz the coaching staff is really try trying to get DK Metcalf involved.

Just my 2 pennies.

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My Thusday night out on a limb prediction:

Cam Newton is done as a must start fantasy QB. I don’t believe his arm is healed, and I don’t believe he is the type of player that will put in the work nevessary to adapt to his new reality.

This Thursday night game is putting me to sleep

Christian McCaffrey got stopped. The game might have been boring, but you can’t argue with a mano a mano play that decides the game by inches.

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i played Christian over TB’s Barber last night and got porked.

Lmao Carolina lost to Tampa. They are in for a world of hurt this year.

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but they signed Bug eyes from the patriots who claimed Cam was on par with Tom… what a dumbass he is.

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Until Cam leads a team to a Super Bowl win, his legacy is always going to be “the guy who didn’t dive on that fumble.”

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oh that is a horrible legacy to have

Ugh…left Godwin on my bench last night.

Cam looked like he was capable of dialing up the velocity last night but his accuracy was awful even by his standards.

We also saw what McCaffrey is going to be up against all season if other teams stop respecting Cams legs. Teams are going to sell out to stop CMC and dare Cam to beat them.


Cam looks mentally checked out honestly. That o line is getting him killed like Luck.

Agreed. Well said.

I think he’s scared. His o line is getting him knocked around so now even when he has time he makes bad passes. Interesting to see if Carolina signs a young guy like Tua it they tank the season.

I think the Panthers can get out of his contract relatively cheaply after this year. So unless Cam turns things around dramatically I think it might be a possibility of them drafting a QB early in the draft next year.

Also they did draft Will Grier this year so may be if they think he can be developed they can walk away from Cam that way too.


I think both will be happy to walk away from each other to be honest. Cam has done a lot for that franchise and took them to a Super Bowl but he just doesn’t look like he wants to be there anymore. He used to look like a re-energized hyped up Michael Vick. Now he looks like a shell of himself. It’s sad to see.