Week 16 Other Games

I searched to see if this thread had already been created, and couldn’t find one, so …

Ratbirds clinched AFC 1-seed by beating Browns.

Iggles took a huge step toward winning the AFC East by beating the Cowboys.

Bears can help Patriots win the 2-seed if they beat the Chefs tonight.

Seahawks mess up their chances to win the NFC West by losing to … the Cardinals???

And both the Squealers and Titans lost today, thus proving that nobody really wants the last AFC playoff spot.

Actually, if the Seahawks win at home next weekend against the Niners, they win the NFC West anyway. What they really “accomplished” by losing to Arizona today was to mess up their chances to take the NFC 1-seed.


How is the Dallas coach not fired. ??

The Seahawks are a team that can beat anyone or lose to anyone. Their defense is average and Wilson can carry that team but for some reason he hasn’t quite looked like himself lately. I could see them getting bounced out in the first round or I could see them making the Super Bowl. It’s so hard to tell what kind of team they are this year

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Cowboys not officially eliminated yet. If they don’t win the Division next week, he will be.

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It pains me to say it, but I feel the exact same way about the Patriots this year.

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It’s a strange year this year. It’s hard to make of any team. The Packers also could make a run or be bounced out immediately. And as good as Baltimore has looked, I could see them not living up to the hype and losing in the second round when they play

Would love it if KC or TN or someone went in to Baltimore and killed them. Like San Diego did last year.


I actually want a rematch. Nothing would please me more than dashing their loud mouth dreams like they did last year to KC in the CG.

I like Lamar a great deal but most of that team are way too far ahead of themselves.

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I want the AFC playoffs to be a revenge tour.


Wow. The Vikes’ D looks playoff-ready, but nobody else on this field does.

Okay, maybe Mason Crosby.

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Agreed, I could see it happening too. Jackson isn’t playing next week so that’s two weeks off. That could haunt them. Having that bye week and resting players the final week always killed peyton and the colts.