Week 1: Who Do I.......

Start…Pick up…Cut…

Ask an opinion on a trade. Anything. All questions answered.

Super last minute, I meant to start this earlier in the week and it slipped my mind. But its Fantasy Football Season people.

Lets win some money/dominate those work leagues/win some championships!!!


Marquise Brown…active and starting

Adrian Peterson…inactive

Robby Anderson…active

Mike Badgely…inactive

Jordan Reed…inactive

Bilal Powell…inactive

One decision I’ve been contemplating is picking up Tyrell Williams in my crappy little 8 team work league. Would probably drop Sterling Shepard. Williams is going to be the de facto WR1 in Oakland now, but I’m not sure his skill set (field stretching deep threat) really translates into a huge production bump.

Jacksonville starting their 3rd string Left Tackle…could be a tough game for Foles and/or Fournette

Foles hurt

Lamar can throw

AB’s cousin is fast

Mahomes picking up where he left off.

Rams and panthers look bad.

Tyreek hill being carted off

Hope you guys started Sammy Watkins

Foles out. Didn’t see what happened

He got hit as he threw…xrays on his left clavicle

Mahomes hurt. Limped off. Looks like he got his leg rolled up on

Mahomes back in walking gingerly.

I think a lot of players are gonna try and hurt Mahomes lol.

Omg Lamar Jackson has thrown four touchdowns for Baltimore already

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The dolphins defense is just horrible

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Utter craziness. Everyone says he can through the ball. Just wow.

So the shit turd Hill got carted off huh? Epic karma.

Jackson has made some nice throws particularly the two deep balls to Marquise Brown. But the Dolphins barely look like they are trying

Buffalo offense has 4 turnovers in 6 possessions

Jets offense has scored 3 pts despite their defense getting 4 turnovers.

I think NE has a chance to win the East this year.