USA, Canada and Mexico win bid to host 2026 FIFA World Cup

I know its controversial, but I like soccer.

soccer is good when I stumble upon it be mistake and only Golf is on…

r I am in a bar and the Brazilian fans are there enjoying themselves. Happened to me at Buff Wild wings and it was a great time…

I watched the whole Mexico Germany match today. It was fantastic.

Lots of unexpected results the first couple of days.

Go Iceland.

Watched Australia tie a much more highly regarded Denmark team yesterday. Announcers said that the Aussies had to play 22 matches ( which I gather is a lot more than normal) in 11 different countries and travelled over 150,000 miles to qualify for the WC.

I know a lot of people hate the ties in soccer but man I just watch a game like this and the whole final 20 minutes was so intense.

Getting ready to watch Brazil - Costa Rica. Neymar got absolutely mauled in their previous match vs Switzerland. They actually brougjt in a special referee for this game. Poor Costa Rica won’t be able to come within 3 yards of Neymar without drawing a foul