Uhhh... Baltimore....do we have a problem?

Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta joked that Harbaugh is being too concerned about cracks in today’s communication technology.

“I have more confidence in Zoom than I do in Ozzie [Newsome, executive vice president], John, Steve [Bisciotti, owner] and Dick [Cass, team president], with a copy of our draft board that they just leave in the car on their front seat or something like that,” DeCosta said.


There is a part of me that would just be ecstatic if the entire draft just crashed and burned around Roger Clownell in stunningly spectacular fashion

Because no hacker has ever accepted the challenge of breaking in to a system that has been publically declared safe.

If nothing else someone should hack in and play a couple if minutes of audio of Clownell getting booed the first time he is shown.

They shouldn’t use Zoom. There are better platforms.

In just wondering how Ozzie Newsome took having it implied he might leave the Ravens draft board in his car to be stolen.

Ozzie worked with Bill in Brownsville so he knows to leave the Fake board on the front seat, the real one in the trunk