Turning off email notification for Categories

How is this done? I can’t find anywhere to shut off the 100 emails a day.


Try going uder preference under your account and than notifications. I am not sure what you have there but see if you have anything toggle.

Also try Email, it is above notifications.

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I can’t figure it out either

I have done this with preferences and it doesn’t do any good. Still get email notifications it’s so annoying.

What is weird is I get notification in email but it is well under 10 not the 100’s that John gets.

Without knowing how you both have it set up versus mine I am not sure how to help.


So strange. Wish they would just get rid of that function it’s stupid lol

How many are you getting in email, Tyler?

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I don’t get notifications or emails and not sure if I ever did anything :woman_shrugging:

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Not as many as he does but I do get some. It seems so random lol.

It is random for me as well. LOL