Trump is going to text you.

On October 3rd, everyone situated in the United States will be getting a text from President Donald Trump administration. The text message was supposed to go out last Thursday, but it had been delayed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency because of Tropical Storm Florence. Do not be alarmed. This text message was meant to be used as a practice run for a national wireless alert. The message will go to all phones, regardless of which carrier you have. There are well over 100 national carriers from within the United States that will be participating in this wireless emergency alert system. These messages will be exempt from any text message blocking or opting out you have done. Whether or not you will be charged for them will be an issue that you will have to take up with your own carrier.

Back in the day, when there was a national emergency; the United States government would send out alerts via radio. When televisions became the norm, they started sending the alerts through TV. At that time almost everyone either watched TV or listened to the radio; so this was the clearest and best way to alert the United States as a whole population of a catastrophic emergency. This is no longer becoming true as many citizens are cutting the cords to their TVs. Radio is starting to become obsolete. Many people now a days prefer to stream their music through Spotify or Apple Music when they drive instead of playing the radio. But almost everyone has a cellphone. This is even true for kids that are in high school. As of February, a whopping 95% of American adults own a cellphone. More importantly a cell phone is usually on the persons body at all times. We’ve gotten accustomed to using our phones on a consistent basis. So it makes sense to start using cellular devices as a means to notify people through a text from President when an emergency is occurring.

What Is A Presidential Alert?

A Presidential alert is used during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornado, or tsunamis. It can also be used for acts of terrorism and other man-made national disasters. Essentially, the alerts will be used whenever public safety is seriously at risk. This is a must need tool. While I don’t particularly like the idea of the government being able to force messages on me, I want to be the first to know if there is a threat to the safety of me and my family.

The text from President is expected to come around 1:18 pm Central Daylight Time on October 3. There will also be a test on traditional radio/television the same day, around 1:20 pm. When you see the alert, the subject heading will be “Presidential Alert.”

You can expect to see the following the message: “This is a test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System and No action is needed.”

Why do i feel like I will be receiving “Emergency Texts” from President Trump concerning his favorite brand of potato chip and which liberal celebrity he doesnt agree with today." ?