Transcript Shows Trump Pressed Ukraine to Look into Biden’s son

Sigh, indeed.

Let’s try this again!

Trump is really doing his dutiful followers dirty by giving them such shit talking points.

I for one am enjoying the living hell out of this.


I really don’t think it’s too much to ask to make your points without calling out other people personally. There is no realistic need for that.

It may be that you can’t discuss politics without making it personal. But it doesn’t mean everyone can not.

But I agree, the internet is a huge place and I am sure there are better places to insult other people in the way that you want than a Boston sports forum.

The category will stay as a place to move threads to as needed.

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Like I said, the PRESIDENT is unable to talk politics without attacking people personally. Why would you expect anyone else would be? Granted, you host a board in which they ignore all of his attacks (and anyone that brings them up mysteriously disappears) but it’s a fact of public record.

Also, like I said, talking politics is a contact sport. This is like starting a football league and then getting mad when they start to tackle each other.

But he is not a member here, and honestly, how hard is it to speak more reasonably than him? Just because he can’t speak reasonably, doesn’t mean that people discussing him can’t. Attacking people who defend him IS NOT the same as attacking him. People are allowed to have different viewpoints, and there is no need to be insulted for it.

And like I said, if its a personal contact sport for you, and that’s the only way it can be, than any board that I own or administer is not a good place for it. I still have no idea why you think a Boston sports forum is the best place for this vitriol.

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Because you host another Boston sports forum that allows political talk? That has vitriol even worse than what I’ve posted? That you started another forum that HASN’T been co-opted …

I don’t own Patriots Planet, and I washed my hands of the political forum there long ago. I can not make unilateral decisions there, and am one of several people with buttons. I did a lot to build membership there, and take care of most of the administrative tasks, but there are several moderators that all have equal say in decision making.

The difference is here, I own it. I won’t engage in the political discussions, but I will enforce the rules and my vision evenly.

Probably doomed to fail, but I knew that from the start.


hahahahaha I was waiting for you to piss down your leg over that…

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