Torey Krug doing his best Doug Glatt impression

Killer shot. That was awesome!

Two things:

  1. Krug has the guy that he was scuffling with lined up for a big hit and then has the presence of mind not to cheap shot him from behind.

  2. After the whistle blows Krug skates all thru the Blues player with that “Anyone else?” vibe. Awesome.

Oh neat. The forum software automatically made my numbered list all indented and organised and junk.

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You should have kept that to yourself. I was quite impressed with your formatting skills. The illusion has been shattered.

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Love this place. Lots of “neat” stuff like that.

My content is so spectacular on its own that I can afford the hit on my formatting skills. It makes me seem more down to Earth and approachable.

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Thank you for the :heart:s, regular people.