Tonight the Celtics are back

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Go Celtics

And raptors /m:)

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I truly just don’t think I can…I just don’t think I can and it breaks my heart. 😢😢😢

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I will not watch any pre-games 10 minutes up to puck drop, kick off, 1st pitch or tap off

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Yeah, I hear ya. But the SJ messages on the backs of the jersey’s is enough to nauseate me.

I want to watch, I really, really do. Sports is a huge part of my joy.

I just don’t know, man.

See how I feel tonight.

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So, it’s just about midnight and I’m thinking of hitting the rack and watching this game that I have recorded.

It’s been a damn toss up all day but I think I will.

I feel so dirty right now. :frowning:

OK, so I made t through a quarter. of the ESPN broadcast. And I just can’t. :frowning:

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Didn’t see the game but looked enetertaining. Very close.

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Watching, actually mostly listening to C’s/Portland game cuz the visuals are just too much for me to take.

But this 4th quarter is crazy great. Back and forth.

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Overtime. :slight_smile:

Carmelo Anthony still making plays. Wow.

2 clutch free throws by Heyward. Up by 3 with 3 secs to go.

C’s win. Great ending.