Tom Brady and missed OTA's

Brady skipping OTA’s is why he is not on the same page with these kids.

I love me some Tom Brady, I can’t quit him but man he needs to improve his body language because he is the one who skipped OTA’s and failed to build up a relationship with these kids!!

Possibly. But I think it would have only been with Meyers and Harry. This has been a revolving door at WR all season. He seemed to have a connection with AB right off the bat and in Sanu’s second game he had 10 catches, I think. But I could see how it could help the young kids.


He had a 1st round WR, the job is to make it your mission to get him up and running!

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One of the things I’ve learned during this 20 year run is when something goes wrong in the passing game, to look at the play and determine where it was supposed to go (the window) and whether the ball was in the window and the receiver wasn’t or whether the receiver was there and the throw wasn’t.

Example, the pick targeting Harry,he established inside position, but then surrendered it by falling away from the ball.

IMHO Brady has missed more throws this year than previously, but more often than not he’s putting it where it should go when he can work through the progression. Unfortunately he’s often looking for the hot read because of pressure.

I think the ultimate issue is a lack of continuity among the receivers and a major drop off in the OLine productivity.

Now here’s where I blame Brady. Leadership isn’t always about yelling and screaming, more often it’s teaching and mentoring. Brady needs to leave the diva act at home and set about fixing this by leading these guys instead of being a bitch.


this 100%^^^ Tom is fiery but when you are almost a father figure, hell he could be older than these kids parents, you have to mentor in a different way.


Ya agreed about Brady and his leadership at times. As much as I love Peyton he used to be bad for that too. Maybe it’s cranky old man syndrome lol.

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