Titans Official Trailer


Televised on the upcoming DC Universe streaming service, released sometime in 2018. Also, Robin says fuck.

There is already a spin off of this show, based on the superhero team known as Doom Patrol, with Brendan Frasier cast as the voice (and body in flashbacks) of Robotman.

I am gonna have to talk to my geek family, especially hubby, who are too well knowledgeable about DC and Marvel. I think they might have mentioned it once but I know little of this one. I do enjoy watching the various ones though through the movies.

I like the warriors reference, the bat to the head followed by “come out to play”

Time for some updates

I am not a comic book reader so I don’t know if the plot of Titans is consistent with them. I have watched enough of the Teen Titans cartoons to have a working concept of the team. Imo they stay pretty close to the characterizations of the original cartoon…the more serious one where the characters are late teens/early 20s. Not the more recent one where the characters are more childish.

If I had to encapsulate the over arching tone of season 1 it would be something like “The seamy underbelly of being a superhero sidekick”. Although the action in Season 1 revolves around Raven and her past, most of the season is really a character study of Dick Greyson, who has split from Bruce Wayne due to him feeling like Batman has basically weaponized Robin’s anger due to his parents murder. He is having more and more trouble controlling his violent impulses. And the harder he tries to suppress them, the more they bubble to the surface.

He isn’t the only superhero who are dealing with issues. Robins old running mates Hawk and Dove and the Replacment Robin Jason Todd show up at various times, all dealing with issues of their own. Drugs, love triangles and their own addiction to the action have left serious scars on all of them.

The other members of the Titans all take a backseat to Robin for most of season 1. Starfire spends most of season 1 in a state of amnesia not remembering who she is or where she is from. Beastboy is almost an afterthought for most of the season other than some comic relief. I felt like his character only existed to give the main baddie someone to threaten in order to force Raven to do what he wanted.

The story of Ravens parentage plays out through all 12 episodes and comes to a head in the season finale. But even then most of that episode focuses on Robin and his dark impulses.

And then there is the violence. In a word it is brutal. There are a few scenes…particularly a scene when Jason Todd obliterates a squad of cops and the finale when a certain iconic DC superhero goes off the deep end, invades Arkham and carves up everyone in his way…that actually made me cringe.

This show is dark and violent. The only show I’ve watched that comes close is Daredevil, and is say that Titans is actually darker and more violent.

I feel like Season 1 was a whole ton of set up. Hopefully season 2 will expand on that set up and delve into some other characters back stories more deeply.

For now ill give it a 7 out of 10.

Fantastic show. And I am a huge comic book nerd. Mainly Batman and The Flash. Have comics going back from the 1940’s to now that are worth a lot of money. I don’t read Teen Titans much so I’m not as familiar with all the characters but season 1 was extremely good. I especially liked the dark undertone it got. The final episode with Batman was done extremely well. Season 2 definitely has a lot of hype to live up to!

Haven’t watched yet, but I think I read recently that the guy that plays Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones is going to play an old Batman in this show.

Also Esai Morales will play Deathstroke/Slade Wilson in season 2