Tigers vs Tigers

Not sure how long I will be awake but I will give it a start.

Geaux LSU.

Is this college? I don’t follow college :frowning:

I am biologically incapable of rooting for an SEC team

Spread: LSU (-6)

Over/Under: 69.5

I’m betting the farm on the over.

Dude you just don’t know how insufferable Clempsin fans are.

Also Randy Moss’ son and Daryl Stingleys grandson are on LSU

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Orange has been proven by science to be the ugliest color.


17-14 my buddy said. Close game.

You must have been pissed off when LSU took a knee on the 5-yard-line at the end of the game. :man_facepalming:

Joe Burrow’s reward for a stupendous year in which he threw 60TDs, only 6INTs, and more than 3 miles?

A trip to Cincinnati. :crazy_face:

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If AJ Green gets healthy it might not be so bad.

  1. I was fast asleep when that happened.

  2. I don’t actually have a farm

  3. I don’t gamble


Hey I’m all three of those too lol

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as was I