Thoughts on Socci and Zolak?

It was a surprise for me this year turning on the Redskins game last week to have the radio team calling the game on TV. My first thought was “finally”, though that was me more remembering how good Gil and Geno were, while they had Criqui and Cross doing the preseason games.

Anyway, I didn’t think it was bad, and I had incorrectly assumed they were simulcast on the radio as well, but they have Dan Roach and Matt Chatham on the radio for the preseason only, and Socci and Zolak will return there for the regular season.

I am just happy to at least get a little bit of insight when I can not follow everything during the offseason. Hopefully Nink on the sidelines will add something too.

I am not a Zo fan, and Socchi adds little. They belong on the radio