Thomas Patrick Edward Brady Jr has retired

Tom MF’ng Brady - TB12

NFL Quaterback 2000-2022

The greatest quarterback and arguebly proffessional athlete in history has just retired after 22 insanely winning seasons. 10 Superbowls with 2 different team’s and just about every record known to man.

Tom Brady is the most consistently clutch player seen in any sport. When the chips were down his focus, energy, and will to win all kicked into overdrive the likes of which is rarely seen and he came back and won most of those battles leading his team of incredibly motivated, hard nosed and hard working Patriots many times against all odds.

A great leader of men on football’s battlefield of play.

We will never see a spectacle of achievement delivering so many moments of ecstasy to the long suffering Patriot fan faithful such as this again in our lifetimes.

Well, done Tom. What a career! What a life!!!

From all of New England and those who revel in human greatness, thank you for everything you delivered.

You “Did your job!”

Well done!!!

Go enjoy the rest of the world and life with your beautifully loving family. You earned it many times over.

Love ya man. Thank you for showing the world human immortality.

Love him or hate him Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jris the greatest quarterback who ever lived.

The G.O.A.T