This Site

Too bad. I like it here.

As do I

I think it is pretty neat software, but as I said when I started it, very hard to build membership on a message board in this day and age with social media. I do what I can by tweeting and facebooking any new thread that someone posts, but I don’t really have followers. Getting people to come and stay active is not something I can do on my own, and certainly not in the same way I brought in people on Patriots Planet.

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Thread Cleaned

If you add me on Facebook I can and share the posts from here. Honestly I keep forgetting about this site as it’s a bit slow but I’ll start posting stuff here. I think it’s a great idea.

Name on Facebook is Mark Yeskis. and my profile is public so tons of people see my posts. Plus I moderate a football group started by Jag so maybe we can get more people here.

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Thanks John/Mark!

I will definitely do that once I find my snapface page. Should be soon.

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Friend request sent.

I think.

Yep. Got it. Thanks.

All the new topics from today have been tweeted and facebooked.

Added four new Categories

NFL (general)
MLB (general)
NBA (general)
NHL (general)

And moved the Flacco thread to NFL (General)

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I truly hope ThepAlmetToState returns :weary:

Me too.


I think we all do.

Welcome to all the new posters. Nice to see a long game thread. :+1:

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