This is a garbage new topic

Enter some text here, asshole.

Screw you, Melon.

To post an image hosted elsewhere, just post the link to it, no bbcode needed.

Its called trash, cretin.

Garbage is as garbage does.


gaRBAGE WAs a pretty good band, singer was hot in a freaky kind of way

Freaky hot is the best kind of hot🔥

I always saw her as just hot.




A lot.

This is her now:


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I was looking for an Uncle Buck gif of Macully Culkin saying “OMG he’s cooking our garbage” but I couldn’t find a good one. But I did find this:

If you spell “ALABAMA” backwards, you can rearrange the letters to spell “ALABAMA”

Still would.

And you would too.

Only after mind boggling conversation.

Shirley was hot back in the day

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Diarrhea stinks.