The Mandalorian

Getting ready to watch episode 3 right now.

Hey did you guys know we had spoiler tags? Just click the gear and then hide details. Or use the tags

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Mandalorian Spoilers thru Episode 4

They really should just rename this The Baby Yoda Show. Disney is going to make so much Freeking money selling BaeYo merch this Christmas.

EDIT: You can change the visible word(s) by changing Summary to whatever you want to show…

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Yeah, I didn’t make it through ep 4 yet cuz it was just a bit too hokey. But maybe I just wasn’t in the mood that night.

Nice discovery on the Spoiler tags. I haven’t watched Ep 4 yet. I forget when they air.

I am surprised Disney was caught flat-footed with merchandise for Xmas. Everyone wants a baby Yoda plushy.

Oh the hokeyness factor is pretty high in Ep4. But its Star Wars. Its not going to be too gritty.

The part that kind of bothers me is


that they are being hunted by the remnants of the Empire and now the bounty hunters guild and he is still tromping around in his highly recognizable Madalorian Armor. I get that he isn’t supposed to take it off according to Mandalorian tradition, but he should have thought about that before he stole Baby Yoda.

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No way they didn’t see this coming. They are just cranking up the hype. Cue video of parents fighting over the “last” doll for you know who.

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I don’t follow Star Wars. Maybe this is a good place to start lol.

I mean there will be certain things that might not be completely self explanatory, but the story so far seems to be stand alone enough that someone with no knowledge of the SW universe could still enjoy it. The cinematography and special effects are top notch. And the Mandalorians tiny little sidekick us just about precious. Adorable. Cute as fuck.


Sackhoff has made a career of playing complex sci-fi tough women, recently appearing in Netflix’s sci-fi drama series Another Life. The Mandalorian season 2 completed principal photography in March and the post-production is being done remotely, so the new episodes will still hit Disney+ in October 2020.

Make this happen.

Danny belongs on this show.